Learn about the benefits you get by acquiring Ŏzaru NFTs and become part of this community today.


Ŏzaru NFTs

1,000 NFTs with cause, collectibles and with access to the Rōnin community in Ŏzaru’s digital transformation.


Ŏzaru NFTs

There are 8 different types of Ŏzaru NFTs

Each of them, in different permutations. The rarer the Ŏzaru NFT, the higher its exclusivity and benefits.


Ultra Instict Silver


Ultra Instict Blue


Digital Transformation






Pet Lover





Community Benefits

At the time of purchasing the NFT, it grants someone else’s education in Ŏzaru.

Free access to Ŏzaru events with highly prestigious speakers.

International conferences with experts.

Alpha y degen calls.

Access to the metaverse and meetings in the metaverse.

Gatherings and small face-to-face events (meet and greet).

Gifts and giveaways.

WL from other projects (collabs).

Raffle of 10 Cold Wallets for Holders.


Rarities give more entrance tickets to WL and Giveaways.


DAO among all holders.


  • Stage 00

    A disadvantaged woman receives support with training in the tech sector

  • Stage 01

    Verification opens for holders and we start with alpha and degen callers

  • Stage 02

    Conference dates confirmed for holders of renowned people in the web3 world

  • Stage 03

    Purchase of land in the metaverse

  • Stage 04

    Delivery of report and video of the people benefited by the NFT

  • Stage 05

    IRL event (face-to-face) for local holders (Mexico and LATAM)

  • Stage 06

    Meet and greet with founders and Ŏzaru team

  • Stage 07

    Purchase of land in the metaverse

  • Stage 08

    Creation of the DAO

  • Stage 09

    Creating your own Metaverse

The Ŏzaru Clan

Guillermo Garza

Guillermo Garza

“Reality is broken, let’s fix it!”

Guillermo Garza is a Serial Entrepreneur, expert in Big Data & Analytics, lover of gaming and Japanese culture. He has been Co-Founder and Founder of several companies such as Startup México, Dadbox, Púrpura Analytics and among them his latest creation Ŏzaru of which he wants YOU to be part of. Because of this, Guillermo has been an important factor of change in the industries in which he has developed. From whom arises the vision of revolutionizing and transforming education as we know it with several of its organizations. Currently achieving to have his first generation of students studying with him without them dropping a single penny from his wallet.

Samuel Beutelspacher

“If you believe it, you create it”

Samuel Beutelspacher is an Entrepreneur, expert in technology mainly in Robotics, national awarded for impressive success stories in their enterprises, lover of learning new things, gadgets and technology. He has been co-founder and founder of several companies such as Corporativo NX, Next RobotiX, MicrobotiX, among others. He has also received the SME Award 2018 for being “Best Incubated Technology Company”, Intel Award 2006 “Mexico Innovating”, among several others. Because of this, Samuel has inspired and led thousands of people through his knowledge to be financially free and change their mindset about money, time, opportunities and potential that one as a person can have.

Eduardo Moreno

“If you can imagine it, you can make it happen”

Eduardo Moreno is an Entrepreneur, an expert in software development, he is the founder of companies such as Itelisoft, Coyote Foods and Frikiwiki, he has also been recognized in international software development contests. He is passionate about both playing video games as well as developing them.

Silvia Novoa


CEO of Megadirect. General Director of foundations at an international level.

Arantza Carrillo

Strategy and Operations

Development of social projects.
NFTs with Cause.

Third Member


Frequent asked questions

What is the purpose of Ŏzaru NFTs?

By acquiring one of our NFTs, you support a Rōnin by giving them a scholarship so that they can be trained in digital transformation.

What is a Ronin?

Within Ŏzaru, a Rōnin is a community member who is training for future vacancies in digital transformation.

What is Ŏzaru Day?

It is the Ŏzaru community most relevant event, a bootcamp with expert speakers and fun activities, aimed at our Rōnins and people interested in the branch of digital transformation.

What is an NFT with Cause?

All the benefits of an NFT with the big difference that by acquiring it, it helps a disadvantaged woman receive training in technological skills and soft skills to improve her employability.

What is the cause?

We are passionate about closing the gender gap in the tech sector. Our cause is to equip women with education in last mile technology so that they can access better job opportunities. Create a #WomeninTech community where all the members support and guide each other to continue growing. “Transform a woman and she will transform her surroundings.”

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